Published: May 20, 2019


Valentina D'Amaro, Untitled, 2016, oil on canvas, cm 87 x 118 (34,3 x 46,5 inches).

Galleria 1/9unosunove, Palazzo Santacroce, via degli Specchi 20, Rome

Opening May 24, Friday
from 7 pm

The show will run until September 14th 2019
Tuesday - Friday 11 am to 7 pm
Saturday 3pm to 7pm (or by appointment).

phone: +39 06 9761 3696

Published: October 21, 2016

VITAMIN P3: New Perspectives in Painting


Vitamin P3 catalogue.

I'm proud to announce that my works have been included in new PHAIDON book VITAMIN P3: New Perspectives in Painting.
Prestigious Phaidon book dedicated to International Contemporary Painting will be available from October 24th.

Book report on Artspace

Published: May 25, 2016

Learning from Lascaux

Curated by Fabio Carnaghi

Learning from Lascaux.

Museo Fiorentino di Preistoria "Paolo Graziosi", Florence

Opening: May 26th - October 31st, 2016

Artists: Lorenza Boisi, Gaetano Cunsolo, Valentina D'Amaro, Tamara Ferioli, Francesca Ferreri, Cristiano Focacci Menchini, Chiara Lecca, Cristiana Palandri, Eugenia Vanni, Devis Venturelli


Published: 21 febbraio 2016


artists book

Image of artists book "Drawings from Lightning"

We are pleased to announce the launch of our crowdfunding campaign on BeArt!


Drawings from Lightning is an artists book, a first complete collection of drawings that will take you to discover the eclectic world of the contemporary drawing in Italy.


Drawings from Lightnings has been created by a group of artists including:

Paola Alborghetti, Matteo Antonini, Susanna Janina Baumgartner, Marco Belfiore,
Maurizio Bongiovanni, Sergio Breviario, Pierpaolo Campanini,
Gianni Caravaggio, Daniele Carpi, Arianna Carossa, Jacopo Casadei,
Giuseppe Costa, Carl D'Alvia, Valentina D'Amaro, Alessandro Di Giampietro,
Enza Galantini, Daniele Girardi, Paolo Gonzato, Michele Guido, Pesce Khete,
Giulio Lacchini, Maria Morganti, Chiara Pergola, Marta Pierobon,
Josephine Sassu, Laura Santamaria, Giovanna Sarti, Kristian Sturi,
Marcello Tedesco, Luca Trevisani, Lucia Veronesi.


Drawings from Lightning is an artists book, including 30 drawings and 1 photograph made by artists on the theme of lightning "Positive Leaders", a natural phenomenon where the lightning starts from the ground reaching the sky: the artist's metaphor. It is a "solar work". I want to give my interpretation of it in the mean of a spaceship, a capsule that wins the time, the years, getting to 2317! The space-time prospectives are unlimited but the roots are very old, in fact, I have always been fascinated by the prints and drawings that preserve intact their beauty, their mystery; particularly P. P. Rubens "Palazzi di Genova" (Antwerp - 1622) who designed an entire collection of prints of the Palaces of Genova or P. Brueghel who worked on drawings as prints reproductions of the works of H. Bosch. A way to raise awareness and support the work of architects, artists and works by other artists, they were able to project them in other places and times.
In order to thank them and their gestures I created my project involving the artists with whom I share this principle of relationship with the Cosmos,
an exchange that we strengthen through the way we live through our artistic research driven by positive energy, moved by unshakable trust.
Now who wants to be part of the process of carrying out this art work of the future?"

Laura Santamaria
artist and curator of Drawings from Lightning artists book


Please be active with us! Let's start! Continue to enjoy the project, help us to finance the production of Drawings from Lightning artists book, everything passing thorough the drawings will be evident! All levels of support are essential in encouraging new forms of collaboration between artists to experiment and extend the offering of works of art in multiple ways,
and to enable us to continue this work making close art to people.

Thank you in advance for your help!


Pre-order your copy of Drawings from Lightning artists book or choose your favorite art work here:


You can find all the steps that led to the realization of this project at:

Published: 23 febbraio 2015


Text by Andrea Lacarpia

DIMORA ARTICA, via Matteo Maria Boiardo 11, Milano

Opening Friday February 27th, 2015
from 18:30

The exhibition ends on March 21st 2015.

Friday February 27th Dimora Artica will present the solo exhibition of Valentina D'Amaro. The show will feature a new cycle of paintings inspired by the atmosphere of northern Italy lakes, in a twilight blue light.
visits: by appointment
web site:

Published: May 5, 2014

MADE painting IN ITALY

Guestcurator: Willy Verginer

Galerie Van Campen & Rochtus Leopold de Waelplaats 24A - 2000 ANTWERP

Opening may 8, thursday
From 18.00h till 21.00 h

The exposition ends on june 22 -
+32 (0)3 294 06 62
thur-fri: 12:00 - 18:00
sat-sun: 14:00 - 18:00

Published: April 9, 2014

Valentina D'Amaro Landscape Portraits

Transiti Arte Contemporanea

Opening: 20/04/2014 - 31/05/2014

Il 19 aprile 2014 inaugura la nuova stagione di Transiti Arte Contemporanea, spazio dedicato all'arte italiana e internazionale, presso i prestigiosi spazi di Marina di Scarlino in Località Puntone (GR).
In un periodo compreso tra il 19 Aprile e il 15 Ottobre 2014 si alterneranno mostre e progetti d'Arte Contemporanea che coinvolgeranno noti professionisti, under e over 35, della scena internazionale della pittura, della fotografia, dell'installazione e video. I progetti conquisteranno non solo gli spazi interni dello spazio espositivo ma anche gli spazi pubblici della struttura, coinvolgendo di volta in volta le varie aree della struttura con installazioni site specific.
Transiti Arte Contemporanea al porto di Marina di Scarlino sarà un nuovo luogo di dibattito ed approfondimento delle arti visive coeve, in un contesto di alta ricezione internazionale immerso in una delle perle marittime della Toscana.
Il primo appuntamento sarà dedicato alla pittura placida e lussureggiante di Valentina D'Amaro, artista vincitrice nel 2005 del prestigioso Premio Cairo, che presenterà per l'occasione un ciclo di sette opere recenti del suo percorso creativo dal titolo, "Landscape Portraits".

Spazio Transiti
Porto Marina di Scarlino, Località Puntone (GR) -
+39 3383032422

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